Become the World Dominator
You are a participant in a big race with a goal to become the World Dominator! You will need less than 5 minutes to understand how to play the game.

Finally, there is a way to show your dominance to friends, to all the haters, to that girl who broke your heart in elementary school. Buy cities, capitals and even whole continents!
The challenge
This project is Chili Labs first try in the game industry, we had an internal startups idea sharing where the game was the most voted for. As a result, two of Chili Labs developers had a month to create a game.

As you might have guessed, (it usually happens in Game dev) it took three times more time to release a great and beautiful game! But we are proud of the product and give people the possibility to dominate the world!

How does it work?
At the start, you have a very small amount of money. You can spend it on the purchase of a city part. Then you begin to get income from your city. The more cities you have the less are left for your competitors.

If you need to make extra cash, open the "Tap game" and earn money by tapping the screen and making the globe turning around.

The game reset takes place on each Wednesday at 00:00 GMT. After each game reset you can proceed to the next level where more buildings are available.
The main colors used are light blue, deep blue, and fire red. By human perception, they are associated with intellect, honesty, and power.

Also, Blue is very masculine color; according to studies, it is highly accepted among males. Dark blue is associated with depth, expertise, and stability. As our main auditory are males (domination) that narrowed our selection of colour scheme and palitra.

It looks as ice & fire, the calm grey counterbalances blue and aggressive red, that gives the perfect balance.
Tips for new players
To decide, what should you buy - new city or build factories or schools - look at the leaders! The leaderboard is always available for you. You may open the profile of every player and take a look, where & how your opponent is spending his money. The main rule for the money generation "You become rich when the money is working for you just right".
Become the World Dominator!
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