A dream app come true — Lucid Dream
Discover the world of lucid dreaming with this new stunning looking app. It will help you track your dreams, motivate you to write them down, and help you to spot when you are in a one.
Beginning of the development
Application development had a rocky start as the first version of the application was planned to be cross-platform and made by another company.
Unfortunately, due to various reasons, this attempt wasn't successful and so the client found the company that will professionally implement his vision. Us. The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.
Chili was tasked to make the client's design and ideas come alive
It turned out, that some of our colleagues are actually practising lucid dreaming, and together with our expertise, insights and attention to details we were ideally suited for the job.
App Features
  • Dream journal with audio memos, tags, scores of sleep quality, mood, etc.
  • Calendar to easily navigate your journal.
  • Flexible search and filtering.
  • Daily reminders to write down your dreams.
  • Customizable reminders to help you train your lucid dreaming skills.
  • Lucid dreaming tips and tricks.
Customizable reminders
Visual statistics
Dream journal
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