Our most beloved product — SPENDO????
SPENDO is an application where you can easily discover and book hairdressers ????, nannies ????, tennis court ???? and much more. It's like AirBnB for service providers.
Spendo Customer
Even if it's after hours, Spendo is available for booking. You can check free slots and book your visits 24/7 from any place with free Spendo customer app.
your appointment anytime and anywhere
a suitable date and time
top rated services in your area
Spendo Business
The easiest system to manage your business, receive online payments and get clients self-booking 24/7.

Spendo brings you
and your clients together
Spendo designed to give you control over your business and help you save your time. You may benefit from many features that make your professional life easier.
Spendo is not just another booking app
The next release is aimed at testing and getting feedback for both client and business versions of the application. You can get access to the MVP version (just in Latvia for now).
It's a way of organizing your appointments for all areas of your life, manage them with easy and get the best deals. To build our product we used Human-Centered Design methodology, starting with a study of our audience, in-depth interviews, and prototype testing.
Let's build products
Let's work together, interested?