Imagine you could hire someone to show you which plants to select, where to place them in your home, and how to comfortably care for them.
Steward — grow your plant family
How It Started
Couple of years ago we started working on a Steward project. We've met Alexi and Brendan, Fastrope team, Konstantin and other developers working on this project.
Initial idea was to create a basic iOS app:

• with Unity responsible for Measurements and checking the GPS location,
• with augmented reality and making hundreds of images per second,
• to calculate the lux, foot candles values (amount of light),
so that app can tell what plant will be in ideal condition to live here.

There were two algorithms for in-house and outdoors.
Each consisted of unique set of measurements that measured sun position, blue sky % index, compass and day-light measurements. Then, using the Machine learning and trained algorithms the app would give a suggestion on plant placement and how good the spot is for an individual plant.

After some months and iterations of work, we understood the complexity and fragility of Unity system. It ate too much processing resources and overheated devices. Chili Labs proposed to rewrite the measurement part with ARKit and Swift 4.0 possibilities.
Show Steward your space in just a few minutes.
Steward creates and delivers your Plant Map within a week.
Selects and cares for your plants for years to come.
How It Works
Your Steward experience begins with your very own Plant Map, showing you what you can grow, where based on your home's environment.
Think of this as a blueprint for your plants.

A Plant Map shows you the ideal plants for your home environment and where they will flourish. Your custom Plant Map will take the guesswork out of where to place your plants and how often to care for them.

Over 60% of indoor plants die in their first year. Plant placement, specifically light, is the number one cause. Plant Maps show you that simply a few feet can mean the difference between withering and thriving.
Plant Maps
Plant Maps use augmented reality and machine learning to understand your environment. We recommend plants that will flourish based on your exact light-levels and climate. No more guessing if your room is high-light or high-indirect light.

Our team of plant design experts then creates a map of your exact room with Steward Zones — essentially showing you different environmental ranges or micro-climates within one room (more on Steward Zones below).

In each Zone, you can discover different plants that thrive. Some plants, such as Snake Plants, are quite delighted to live in several Zones, giving you more options for styling. While some plants, you'll find are quite particular about which Zone they want to live in.
Steward Zones
Identify plants you own.

Discover new plants.

• Plant Doctor support with unlimited messaging.

• Browse for and shop affordable and healthy plants.

• Filter for pet friendly.

• Quarterly plant physical with your Plant Coach.
After various iterations of design, implementation, business idea. We've created the most advanced product for people who grow plants at home.

The application helps regular users to save money on decorating their apartment, home and garden. Without spending thousands of dollars on interior designers.

As a result, each person can see what plants they should buy and be sure that it will survive in their home.

Grow a plant — make a world a greener place.
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