Freedom has
a name — Cryptopal!
Cold-storage and crypto wallet apps on iOS and Android platforms.

The cryptocurrency hype is long gone, Bitcoin is not worth 20k anymore, but the blockchain tech remains, used by millions of users every day for safer, more secure and trackable history.
The challenge
The most challenging part of each Finance mobile solution is - how to make it plain and simple for the users, especially with a crypto project. When every term is complex and not known by a wide audience yet, yet we needed to give complete control, bulletproof UI and simple UX, in order so you are aware of whom and how you are sending money (in crypto world, once you've sent money, it can't be undone or returned to owner, if some field was filled incorrectly).

Great UX can be achieved only by user research, A/B testing, and many many iterations. Friendly & easy UI helps users to make all transfers in three clicks. We have dedicated a lot of attention to make the transaction history screen friendly and convenient for users.
Our contributions
UX Research


Native iOS & Android apps development

Security & cryptography
The main colors are blue and ocean-deep blue, it's associated with wisdom, power, and seriousness.

The application combines high-tech of cryptocurrencies and reliability of a blockchain, it is clear, like water. As application serves as a crypto cold-storage and a wallet, it represents stability and expertise that is a must for the financial products and mostly masculine auditory.
Security & Safety
Every time when people talk about money and transfers you can't forget about the security and safety of data. In order to preserve privacy and security, we have used the latest security technologies like - Two-factor-authorisation (2FA), custom PIN, TouchID/FaceID on mobile devices.

We've created a custom solution for the transactions and gave users the opportunity to mark wallets as trusted, assign to users and bind to real contacts.
The Results
Storage for cryptocurrency
Moreover, CryptoPal mobile app can be used to make payments and e-commerce, where CryptoPal payment system is plugged in.
Each color we used, has a specific goal and reason. The first impression of the mobile app will prejudge the success of your product in the future. For example, the blue color has been chosen as a main is that it is associated with stability and safety. It also symbolizes trust, loyalty, and faith.
Payments and e-commerce
Power in small detales
CryptoPal app was released after three months from the kick-off meeting. Including research, UX prototyping, Design, iOS, and Android mobile development and security measures integration. The product serves two main purposes - cold storage for cryptocurrency and wallet for processing transactions with Bitcoin or Ethereum.
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