The number of missing people is on the rise in the world. It is one of the biggest unsolved problems worldwide. According to the FBI data, in the USA alone in 2018 more than 650 000 people reported missing and more than 85 000 remain missing by the end of each year.
When someone goes missing each minute that passes decreases the chances that person will be found alive. With the help of modern technologies, we can notify all the people in the nearby areas, help coordinate rescue parties, drones and volunteers to find a missing person. Platform will help to document clues and indicate places that were never searched by rescues.
In the process of studying the audience we identified 3 basic user roles and their goals:
Coordination of search missions;
Distributing information.
Tracking of trails, directing people;

Connection with other participants;
Attaching information
to locations.
Sending people to exact locations;

Direct access to missing list;
Area-wide notifications.
Сalls to Bezvests or Local Police Department;

Pin at location
Activity list
Coordination of search campaign;
Direct acces to missing list;
Сalls to Bezvests or Local Police Department;
Connection with other participants;
Sending people to exact locations;
Tracking of trails, directing people;
Attaching information to locations.
While working on a prototype we at Chili Labs participated in multiple training missions with rescue parties, K9 units. Together we learned how to search for pieces of evidence, tracks and gain real-life experience in finding missing people.
After field testing the prototype and finalizing our research we have designed and released an app that would make a difference and help save lives.
We used the basic elements of an existing brand book for constructing our design system.

The main color is red, the color of danger and action. It symbolizes action, confidence, courage and physical energy.

The main goal of the platform is to help rescues and volunteers to do their job more efficient.
iOS & Android
We have developed native applications for iOS and Android platforms and web-based admin panel to track and coordinate users.

The desktop version is used by a coordinator to update content and organize people in search missions.
Unique users of
Searches performed
People found alive
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